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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I view the status of my order?
A: Log in to "My Account" and view your Account History. This page lists all your orders. Click on the date for further details of the order which you are checking.

Q: How many times can I download a file?
A: Each order is initially allotted a single download. You should always make backup copies of your DMB software. However, if you need to download any of your files again, contact customer support.

Q: Do you offer discounts for large orders?
A: We offer a 10% discount for orders over $100, a 20% discount on orders over $200, and a 30% discount on orders over $300. These discounts will not apply to specially-price complete sets of season or team collections.

These discounts apply to products for use by a single customer. They do not apply to orders covering more than one person. For example, a league commissioner cannot earn a 30% discount by placing an order for 24 copies of the current Season Disk for league members.

Q: What if I need help with a product I purchased from you?
A: All Diamond Mind products are backed by free technical support by email.

Q: Why does Diamond Mind no longer offer a 30-day money-back guarantee?
A:  We believe Diamond Mind is the most statistically-realistic baseball simulation, and we stand by our products.  Because there is no way to "return" digital products such as downloaded software, any refunds are on the honor system.  Unfortunately, some individuals started to abuse our 30-day money-back guarantee by downloading hundreds of dollars of software then immediately asking for a refund.  As a result, we can no longer offer the money-back guarantee, and all purchases must be final. 

Q: I have some old season disks from the PTP days that you have improved. Do I have to buy them again?
A: Yes, we're afraid so. We do offer special upgrade prices to registered owners of season disks that were purchased directly from Diamond Mind since the company was formed in September, 1995. However, we are unable to do the same for those who bought season disks from PTP or other sources prior to that date.

Q: Is my account information secure?
A: We are committed to protecting your privacy. Diamond  Mind Baseball does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.

Q: Where can I get player pictures to upload?
A:  Due to copyright and trademark laws, we cannot provide pictures that contain player images or team logos or other copyrighted images, nor can we direct you to any repositories or databases of player images that may exist or that DMB customers may have. You may upload any picture or image to represent or symbolize a player, and any such use may be allowable under “Fair Use” and other legal concepts of non-commercial use.  As a commercial entity, however, we cannot provide them. 

Q: Where can I find the Version 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?
A: The Version 11 FAQ's can be found by copying/pasting the link below into your browser: 

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